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Hi everyone, welcome to the complete guide to outdoor knives. Knives are one of the most versatile and essential tools for the outdoors, whether you are camping, fishing or just hiking. Here we strive to bring you the latest on knives; what is out there? What is the best for your purpose? Where can you get them? And much more. Thank you for taking your time to read this message, I hope that you’ll get some entertainment and be able to learn something from this website.

My Story

My name is James. I grew up with my family taking me on hiking trips and camping trips, I love the great outdoors. Growing up there was nothing more fun than the outdoor trips that took place every school holidays. As time went on I grew fascinated with all the equipment that we had with us when we were camping, one of the most important being knives.

As time went on I learnt more about different outdoor equipment, the tents, the cars, the sleeping mats and not to sound too cliche but I learnt a lot about knives as well. I’d love to just stand here and tell you about how I studied a knife degree in university or how I was a lecturer in knife technology for the last 65 years, because well, those degrees do not exist. I can however tell you that I have a lot of experience with knives and outdoor technology. I remember buying my first Victorinox knife when I turned 18 and wanted something for myself, I’m an avid fisherman and to ensure the cleanest and safest disposal of a fish the right knife is essential. I’ve worked with cattle and other large animals in the past and trust me, a sharp knife is essential, where there is livestock, there is dead stock; and your trusty knife will be one of your essential tools in disease investigation.

I will aim to try to provide everyone with accurate and relevant information and advice, if you have any comments please feel free to leave them below. It’s great to meet everyone and have you all here.

Why did I create this website?

As time went on technology advanced, the knives from the good old days evolved and there are thousands if not more options out there when it comes to knives. Knives are separated into general/camping knives, fishing (a lot of different categories in here) knives, hunting knives, folding knives, multi tools and even more. I wish to use the experience that I’ve accumulated over the years and my interest in knives to help people both new and experienced.

For a beginner it can be very difficult to choose your first knife. Your requirements may also differ from person to person, I wish to cater to people with many needs and help you choose an outdoor knife that will be useful and reliable for your individual needs. This website I hope would be able to guide you and give you a stepping stone into the world of knives.

For someone who is experienced with knives it’s a different story, you have your preferences and what your favorite knives are, but every year many kinds of knives come out, and this website can act as a guide to what is new and currently out there.

I hope everyone will be able to take something away from this website, whether it’s just for entertainment purposes or some new information.

The goal of this website

I wish to share my experience and knowledge with everyone out there. My goal is to help both beginners and people experienced with knives. These are amazing tools, and choosing the right one is highly important. I hope this website will bring you some new information or at least some form of entertainment.

All the best,



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